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Our Passion and desire has always been to provide beauty in a way that you feel connected to your own beauty. Our experience has given us many features in our community allowing us to work with the most beautiful, unique , and diverse clientele.

Our Mission is to provide an impeccable service allowing our clients to feel the importance of reinvention through their own beauty. There is nothing like feeling your best and tapping into self-care.

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Our Lead Makeup Artist is a Licensed Cosmetologist with 22 years of experience in the beauty industry. 

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Recent Work


10/20/2018 Bussle Productions - Foldgers Coffee Commercial

9/10/2018 - 3 Day Commercial Allen Rothenberg, Attorney At Law

9/20/2018 Toni Brattin - Makeup/Hair

7/20/2018 Toni Brattin- TSV - Makeup

7/2/2018 Kari Michaelsen Private Booking - Makeup

6/28/2018 Inside Q with Cathy Pedrayes - Makeup

3/20/2018 HairDo (QVC) Beauty IQ Live Show - Makeup

3/15/2018 Julie Montagu Private booking (QVC) - Makeup

3/10/2018 Illustra Live show (QVC) - Makeup 

2/12/2018 Bobbi Brown (QVC) Live Show 

11/7/2017 Allen Rothenberg Commercial shoot - Makeup

10/30/2017 Illustr Beauty Set QVC Main Channel - Makeup

10/26/2017 Toni Brattin (QVC) Photoshoot - makeup

10/16/2017 Symbiomix - Dr. Raj Shoot - W2O Group - Makeup

10/14/2017 Givenchy Black Magic Lipstick Show (QVC) - Makeup

9/28/2017 HaiDO Live (QVC) show - Makeup

9/20/2017 Allen Rothenberg Firm Shoot - Makeup

6/18/2017 Kristopher Buckle Live (QVC) Show - Makeup

6/15/2017 Anthropologie Remote Live (QVC) Beauty IQ Show

6/15/2017 Photoshoot Anthropologie

6/5/2017 HairDO Live (QVC) Show

5/30/2017 Anthropologie Live Show

5/19/2017 Obliphica Professional Live (QVC) Show - Makeup

5/16/2017 Allen Rothenberg Firm Commercial Shoot -  Makeup

5/11/2017 Eve Pearl Live (QVC) Show - Makeup

5/9/2017 Penn PEP/PIP videos - Lanzando Lideres, University of Pennsylvania - Makeup

5/5/2017 HairDO Live (QVC) Show - Makeup 

4/8/2017 Marina Maher Commercial - Makeup

3/31/2017 Kim Parrish (QVC) private makeup booking

3/28/2017 Edward Bess Live (QVC) Show - Makeup Artist

3/21/2017 HairDO Live (QVC) Show - Makeup Artist

2/24/2017 Illustra (QVC) Beauty Show- Morning Q Live Style

2/17/2017 Eve Pearl TSV (QVC) Show -Makeup

2/16/2017 Eve Pearl TSV(QVC) Show - Makeup

2/15/17 Madam CJ Walker (QVC) Show

2/3/17 Family Circle Magazine Photoshoot - Dr. Raj Entrepreneur Shoot - Makeup 

Digital Model  Makeup - 6/16 (QVC) Homepage Photoshoot

11/12/16 Madam CJ Walker Beauty IQ (QVC) Kick OFF 

Digital Model Makeup -7/25 (QVC) IML MOTO Jacket 


11/15/2016 Nuna REBL plus MIXX feature video - Makeup

5/28/16 Calista Rollers Shoot (QVC) - Makeup

6/2/2016  QVC Jill Martin - Digital (QVC) Magazine Makeup

5/25/16 - QVC Inside Q Shoot - Makeup Shoot

5/20/16 - Bare Minerals TSV (QVC) Makeup

5/2-5/3/16 Conair TSV (QVC) - Makeup 

4/17/16 (QVC) TSV Homepage Photoshoot with Conair Curler - Makeup 

3/11/16 Lifestyles & (QVC) TSV Homepage for Tassel Necklace - Makeup 

3/16/2016 Allen Rothenberg Commercial - Makeup Artistry

3/18/2017 WHYY SEGMENT “Why I like this book” - Makeup Application

3/7/16 (QVC) Fit 4 U Swimwear/additional swimwear lifestyles - Makeup 

2/19/16 Eve Pearl Beauty Brands (QVC) TSV - Makeup 

2/11 (QVC) TSV Photoshoot for Silver Jewelry - Makeup 

2/5/16 Digital Model Makeup (QVC) Intimates/ Sleepwear 

Lifestyles Photoshoot

2/5/16 (QVC) Inside Q Model Makeup 

1/16/16 (QVC) Inside Q TSV Photoshoot